Will there be any exclusive areas where only certain people can go?

Title says it all :sunglasses:

I hope not - making that part of the game would be discriminating for other groups - unless we’re talking about some sort of a staff place.

I’d prefer to see this developed by the community, but not being a default part of the game itself.


Nope :smile:


K :smile:

I really hope not. I always hated this concept, it was like a half barrier between two groups of people. The Berlin wall was worse, but still :stuck_out_tongue:

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So have I. Most times there’s ‘exclusive’ areas when the devs are money whores and put up a paywall.

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It’s like one time when a donor wouldn’t let non-donors in his condo, but he let donors in. The people outside were being annoying, so maybe it wasnt against non-donors, but I am not sure.

Yeah, I don’t want that to happen in Tower Unite.

I don’t know, a VIP room in the Condo for the owner to relax in sounds tempting…