Will There Be An Official Port Of The TU Alpha To Macintosh?

@macdguy Will There Be Ever An Official Port Of The TU Alpha for us who have donated $20 Or More

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I’m here to ask this as well. I’m a Windows user but I do care about the cross-platform-ness of this game.

Alternative Question: Will there be a dedicated server for Mac OS X? This is probably the only platform I’d be able to run a server on, considering my main Server is a Mac Machine.

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We’ll be rolling out a port soon after the alpha is on Steam.


@macdguy Ok Thanks Mac, The Reason I Asked In The Firstplace Was That My Windows 8.1 Laptop Is Exteremly Slow And It Is Hard To Play It in Full Screen At The Monitors Scale And It Is Still A Bit Laggy In Windowed Mode At A Smaller Scale But Not As Much.