Will the upcoming update break random canvas images?

That’s what I use. I have a random canvas image in front of where you spawn in my condo.

It cycles between a bunch of things I made for it, will this be broken come the next update? Since the canvases will then cache the image and keep them as they are. Or will this just not apply to something like this?

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Everytime you leave the condo, it’ll redownload it.

It would break when we do file based stuff, but we’ve already thought of having a “no cache” option for random images.


I was worried that the cached images would be stored on the visitor’s machine. I don’t want everyone’s bodypillow images buried in my tower files.


Sounds good, thanks for the reply!

And when you say file based stuff, what exactly do you mean by that?

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We will have an option where users can opt in to downloading the canvas images locally instead of having to download the images every time they go into their friends condo.


That’s handy as hell, and only for your friends? Even better, only downloading images from the people you trust.

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We’ll have permission systems in place for people to customize exactly how cached image downloading works, for obvious reasons.