Will the pool from gmod tower comeback?

One thing that I miss from gmod tower is the boardwalk pool, It was cool how you could go in a pool, Sure there is the condo pool but it isnt as big as the boardwalk pool and you have to go into a condo to get to it, Though i do understand why its gone, There really isnt that much space for the pool left on the lobby, The space for it has pratically been taken by the roller coaster.

I don’t want to offend anyone, but please, could someone explain to me what’s the point of these “watch your character have fun” features? I’m talking about the monorail, rollercoaster and what people are always suggesting, the pool.

Like, I get that these are things you’d expect to find in a high-class tropical resort and that they are fun in real life, but they don’t make great gameplay features. No one used the pool in GMTower and no one will in Tower Unite, same deal with the rollercoaster. It’s simply not fun to put your in-game character in/on one of these and watch him swim/ride around, when you’re sitting in your chair and looking at a computer screen.


Gotta agree with vtipoman. There is no point behind these attraction thingies where you simply watch your in-game character have fun. That is not fun for the player himself. I even kinda get the ferris wheel, it’s a neat place to hang out at, but the pool? The place where the pool was should be used for some better gameplay related things.


What we need is some pool toys to toss down in your condo. The fun part of the pool was smashing into other players with the tubes and figuring out ways to knock them out of the pool and into the ocean. Gimme a fuckin inflatable alligator my dude


We try to avoid these. We wanted to make the waterslide an actual race this time or something, it’s still in discussion.

As for the monorail and rollercoaster, monorail serves a purpose as form of transportation, and the rollercoaster uses that same system Foohy made for it so there’s not that much effort involved to create it.