Will The Bone Zone have another season?

This goes out to the makers of The Bone Zone. (mostly @The_Lich.)
I was just watching the bone zone and it looked really fun. And i wish i could be there.
Will you have another season? Just curious. Thanks
EDIT: Please read this. ANNOUNCEMENT! The Tower Unite Podcast!

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I heard something about those 2 being the only ones for 2016.


I think that The Bone Zone will have another season come next October.


Hey thanks, wish you could have made it but unfortunately The Bone Zone is a seasonal talk show. So while I will be around and probably trying to insight other impromptu fun, The Bone Zone only happens during October.
Usually we do a whole ‘season’ (nightly shows, or every other night) because it’s a good time and some people miss it, and we want to include as many people as we can, but this year was a little last second so…hopefully if all go’s according to plan season 2 will go on next year.
Thanks so much for your support though, always happy to answer questions. :smiley:

Hey. Thanks for telling me about The Bone Zone. I just have one question. Can i use the inspiration of The Bone Zone to start my own talk show, called The Tower Unite Podcast?

Of course! We all take from the well of ideas, one thing inspires another. I’m totally okay with anyone deciding to do their own thing. I mean as long as nobody decides to steal EXACTLY ANOTHER PERSONS IDEA, than I think it’s okay to do something your own way. :slight_smile:

I will tell people that The Tower Unite Podcast is an inspiration of The Bone Zone in a post of the announcement. (if you dont know what i mean. i will give credit to you for the inspiration.) Thanks.

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(Just a side note you might want to think of a catchier name)

I like the name The Tower Unite Podcast. Maybe ill try to think of another name for special holidays.

Hey. I will be starting The Tower Unite Podcast a little bit later today. Hope i get to see you!