Will Photoshop do requests (for fun)

Just put your request (keep it simple please) down below
you can also submit stuff for fun

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Love the profile picture

How about Karamatsu taking a selfie somewhere in Japan?

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What about a Catsack-zilla?

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there we go

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That came out so much better than i had imagined.
Extremely well done.

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anyone else ? any fun photoshop stuff?

Do a thing that’s Johnny Gat but he Looks like Tito Dick.

Try to make this more terrifying by making his eyes red or something.

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Is that what you meant ? because idk this guy (tito dick)


Close Enough

Hey , I googled the name. thats the first dude I see :stuck_out_tongue:

This is art.:clap::clap::clap:


anyone else ?

Make my profile picture kawaii (and i will yours just send me xD)

hello sorry for not being active in the last few days I was a little bit sick. I am going to photoshop your picture tho :wink: