Will Local chat moderation be a thing?

With global chat officially down until further notice, people are losing their minds in Local now.
First few days it was REALLY chill, because most people inclined to jot down garbage into chat every 5 seconds didn’t realize only Local chat was functional.

Just the other day I was being sexually harrassed by probably some 12 year old comedian who kept naming the “services” he offered and he followed me around the whole plaza for half an hour. Finally muted him but he kept following me and typing.

And today theres people making racial remarks and people are just rolling with it like its normal

I’m pretty sure they have always moderated local plaza server chats. Not quite sure. But if someone is reported I think they will take a look.

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Plaza chat is still moderated. Please report them using the in game report system.


Luckily the snake box makes you completely invisible so you can hide from them.

Also makes condo owners crazy!