Will Lobby 3 Have Bathrooms?


This is very important, I need to know. I’ve been stuck here for years and there’s not a toilet anywhere and I really need to go.


we need them


You can drop by my condo and use mine if you’d like.


Really though, it’s kinda weird that the plaza, which looks like a pretty fancy vacation center, doesn’t have any public restrooms.


yeah it is weird, that’s why we need, no, we DEMAND them in lobby 3


Bathroom or riot.


Bathrooms are the best places for easter eggs and secret doors


Think of all the fun you can have with a bathroom!


Bathroom could be a good AFK spot but there isn’t much else.


Obviously your not thinking about it, we have gone 3 years without a bathroom, this would be a major breakthrough in Tower Unite history to finally have bathrooms in a lobby.

lalso some people just really have to go



lobby 2 might be more exotic, but lobby 1 is the most realistic because the bar had the toilets


More than that actually. TU has been out for 3 years, but lobby 2 came out in 13. We have went 5-6 years without toilets. That’s a long time to hold it

Edit: RIP actually it came out in 15 therefore it’s been 4 years. However, that’s still really long to hold


Can’t hold anything for 4 years.


i’ve been holding it in for 4 years, i can’t take it anymore
honestly im surprised that i haven’t pissed myself yet


If you have been holding it in for that long you might want to invest in the wooden toilet.



can someone try to find a bathroom in lobby 3 please?


I mean…

We have a pool now, so…



You can always buy one and go to your condo.