Will GMT work with Windows 10?

Title, plus will it work with Nvidia GeForce experience, Google chrome, Razer synapse, and of course, Steam.

Also I have Windows 7 in case your curious.

If Garry’s Mod works in Windows 10, so will Gmod Tower.

After The update You have to redownload geforce experience. Then install The graphics drivers. After that all Games should work fine. Graphic drivers will be deleted whole update. Ofcourse steam is Working!
At first you should give Microsoft Edge a Try before crying for google chrome :smiley:

Most of our developers are already switching to Windows 10, but I know Zak’s staying on 7 for now (I’m on 8.1). We’re crossing our fingers that Unreal is going to implement DX12 support relatively soon.

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I’m avoiding Win10 for as long as I can. Win 8.1 works just fine for me since I tamed the start screen. Now, it shows all my games! :smiley:

Can’t handle the spyware in Win10, tho. I’m using Linux as my daily driver with my next build and only booting to Windows if I need to play a game that isn’t on Linux.

Unreal Engine 4 now supports DirectX 12.