Will Duels come back "after random weapon prediction of course"

Anyways what is the random weapon prediction anyways?

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I’m not sure if duels will come back as they were in GMT, but there will be alternatives if not (such as Laser Tag).

Weapon prediction is a way to reduce the effect of lag for weapons. When you fire your gun, that message has to travel to the host, who calculates the result and sends it back to you. Now suppose you have a lot of lag; the message of firing your weapon will take a lot longer to reach the host. If you’ve played Virus with any amount of ping, you’ve likely noticed that your bullets don’t seem to always hit when they should. Weapon prediction minimizes this.

Mk but I thought I heard Matt say that they would add it after they got that done

Yeah, they will be coming back. It will happen sometime after they get weapon prediction working though.

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