Will all features listed in the poll possibly make it to Tower Unite in the future?

One of the reasons I wasn’t in favor of a Community Vote was the possibility that better options will not get to see the game. I’m at a thought process where I’d really rather not see what I missed.

Could the features listed possibly make it into the game at some point?


I wouldn’t be surprised if they all (or most) ended up in the game as post-release updates. The community poll goal is probably just a way of saying “Hey guys, vote for a feature you want right now and that you don’t mind waiting for the others.”

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This is what I’m hoping for too cuz the minute I saw fishing was an option I just knew that was the one that’s gonna win. Which is all well and good, but still.


i voted Drones but i kinda wish i Voted Fishing now that i think about it. Great way to kill time

Of course, but they have to set priorities.

i love the idea of the drones and not fully fond of fishing but right when i read your comment i thought maybe they could have added sharks :frowning: im kinda sad about what i decided to choose but i REALLY love every single thing on that poll (that kinda sounds wrong XD) but heck yeah the stuff listed in the poll will be released but probably after early access because there is too many great features :stuck_out_tongue:

I know! As soon as I saw fishing I was like “Aww man, why even vote?” Like, so many people are saying they voted for fishing and I’m actually convinced that there’s no competition. In any case, I actually feel that fishing that close to the beach only ever brings in seaweed and shells anyway.
And beer bottles.

On another note, I really do hope that the Condo lighting becomes an advanced feature down the line, I am really really hoping for super advanced tools to build my condo with because I have so many awesome ideas for it :smile:


I’m assuming what you say is correct. If you look back on the most recent stream, they said they would work on all of the things the poll said. The poll only helps with deciding what to work on first. But I do have doubts since the features listed on the previous polls were things already in GMT and planned for TU.

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I hope the poll was more of what u guys want added first and worked on the most and the others will still be in the game but not for a while.