Why the hell was the night club shown in the indiegogo and kickstarter trailers as mostly ready yet after thee (3) years it isnt even in the plaza?


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The nightclub hasn’t been worked on for awhile, that’s why it’s not in yet. It hasn’t been priority, and we’ve been tackling larger aspects of the project. We also had a long period where we weren’t even sure if Soundcloud was gonna stick around, so we pushed the feature back. What you saw in the Indiegogo was just a prototype and the final will be different.


While it’ll be great when we have a plaza nightclub accessible in the meantime it’s pretty easy to throw together a condo one so it’s not like a massive must have for player retention and enjoyment and we also know it’s on the way eventually.


No, you cant do that. The soundcloud “support” is broken, there is nothing that reacts to music and the light shows you can make are a joke. Technically its possible but it would look like you threw it up in 5 seconds even if you try to make it as good as possible.


I believe the soundcloud issues came more from the soundcloud side but I’m not 100% on that. It’ll be nice to get some sound reactive stuff and more light show things but in comparison to a gamemode, achievements or fishing it’s hardly top of the list? I do appreciate that it’s something you really want and I for sure would be glad to see these features but I’m guessing the demand vs the dev time isn’t enough in comparison to how much demand they’ve got for other features currently.


They had it working in what, 2016? This is just an excuse to not work on something that was nearly finished 3 years ago. Was achievements a new gamemode or fishing at the top of the list back then? No.


If it really was “nearly finished”, they would have released it. I don’t think it was as done as you think it was


Welcome to game development. You might see something that appears “nearly finished” a few years ago but really only had a specific feature completed to demo the functionality or, in this case, built on a game that has changed a lot in 3 years and probably isn’t functional regardless. All because something may have appeared finished based on a few sneak peek screenshots/videos does not mean that’s the case.


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ok guys let’s not get offtopic here, but yea the night club isn’t being worked on right now, but will in the future


Trust me, this isn’t out of character for this user. He’s in another game dev chat I’m in and he’s pretty consistently… Like this.


Frankly, I think i’d rather have the game parts of the game be completed before the glorified music player is completed anyway.




The prototype wasn’t reactive to music. It was just a set BPM.


And wouldn’t a complete nightclub be in lobby 3 anyways? I feel its better to put it out when the layout is how the devs want it.


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