Why is the paper crown 125 times more expensive than the regular crown?

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

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No. The paper crown holds much more value than a real crown because it’s a rarity.


Paper is rare in the Tower Unite Universe.


Well it makes it cheap to be a paper king!

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Actual, literal papers are worth 150 units for a whole stack
Paper bag is cheap
Those paper screen panels are cheap
Books are sold cheap by the stack


By overpricing the paper crown, they are able to give you the real crown at an extremely affordable price.

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But… it’s not actually rare if anyone with some paper and a glue can make themselves one. Lore-wise speaking

That’s not even how economics work reeeeeeeee

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The paper crown is the pinnacle of headware technology.

Its nonuniform fitting systems allow any persons to easily don the crown for maximum accessibility.
Its lightweight material components makes it far easier on the head and neck when worn for extended amounts of time.
Its patented Thin-fold ™ flexibility allows it to be easily stored in thin spaces and retrieved at the user’s wish.
The shape of the crown allows it to hark back to the regal status of kings while also displaying the full might of modern technology in an ingenious mixing of such ages.
The paper-webbing and steam-drying techniques allow for the paper to be flexible while the calcium carbonate outer coating allows for unprecedented durability as well.
The full ring design given is a result of the polyvinyl acetate used in the cylindrical refactoring stages of crown design.

The paper crown is the result of millennia of technology, all leading up to the perfect accessory. Perfection comes with a price, so next time you ask yourself if this crown is worth the price of admission, you know the answer is “Absolutely, yes!”


The paper crown was a limited promotion for the obscure 2002 Bollywood film ‘King’.

They only made 10,000 so you’re paying a premium for a one-of-a-kind collector’s item.

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what if the paper crown is actually cardstock paper and not regular paper


I just want to know who’s the madman who came up with this hat and its price.

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I believe matt iirc

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I wouldn’t be suprised.

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It’s made of 100% organic paper; zero concentrate