Why is building SO wacky?

I’ve been building a tower lately (4 floors completed, working on 5th) and it’s been getting slightly harder to build. I’ve been using grid 2 as I build, and I’ve noticed that I’m getting slight (but pretty big) gaps between the walls sometimes, or where the wall won’t aligned with the wall below it, which doesn’t make any sense to me, anyways If I continue to build the way it is, my building will have many cracks between the walls and just look funky, so I won’t be able to work on this for a bit

but my question in all this is why its so wacky and all?
also why is the full wood panels not straight?

Or am I just a really terrible builder who messed up somewhere completely not obvious?
If I am a terrible builder, why the heck do I suck so much?XD

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Make sure to use the grid system. When you’re placing items in grid mode, make sure all items placed are in the same grid size, or it would not be aligned well with others.

When you drag out the item you want to place from your inventory, depending on where it landed first, it could have its orientation offset to them. This causes some items to have very odd rotatio ticks. In this case, you can reset the orientation when you are holding on the surface you want your item to be, and have them properly positioned.

Tower Unite building system isn’t very intuitive. It is possibly one of the worst ones I’ve used in a building game.
It’s not just you. It’s just really outdated and very user-unfriendly. The developers are aware of this and improvements are planned.

The main problem with the building system is that it requires you to hold buttons to just place an item.
Hold Q to open the up that tiny menu (which could be bigger to have more items listed) while you search for the item, and then drag & hold the item until you find the perfect place for you to place them.

Usually, in most of the building games, it only requires the player to either have the item selected in their hotbar, or just simply click the item once to hold them so we can place it easily.

The good news is that improvements are coming. If I remember correctly, mac is aware of the problems I listed above.
The bad news is that it is not coming with the upcoming Portal Condo Tools update.

The improvements are overdue, and it is coming, but not anytime soon. In the meantime, you can wait for the next update to help you work more efficiently with a few new tools.

I always use grid on 2 and align everything
it’s just that the grid keeps changing to where it doesn’t even align the stuff anymore

I do hope that it’ll get fixed eventually, but I guess I’m stuck for now, unless I just wanna say “fuck it” and live with floor 5 being slightly ugly compared to the other floors :confused: hopefully the 6th floor would look normal compared to floor 5? meh who knows

Yes there is something weird with the grid system i had the same problems, it was only affecting some parts of smooth dirt.

for example when i put 4 canvas cubes together it made a small hole in the middle of them for some reason

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I mean, it also sucks that my condo stops fully rendering the textures my condo anymore.

(So if you know why, care to tell me why? I don’t know why. Maybe I overloaded stuff in such a small area? or maybe I just need to lower my graphics when inside this condo?)

That issue is because you ran out of the allocated VRAM. Reducing the resolution of the canvases you use, or reducing the amount of unique canvases will help.

As for the grid issues, I believe its more of a thing with the actual item - not the grid. I plan to make a wall item designed to make walls that will help this issue out.


Do you think 8 GB GDDR5 (GTX 1070) of VRAM is enough if i want to build a good huge thing ?

I can’t reduce the amount of canvases because its a gallery condo… thing… but I’ll try lower the resolution
Thanks for the help Mac!

As someone who’s built a gallery of my own, I’d recommend using a higher grid and stick to it for the entire building. I personally prefer 5 or 10 for walls. The textures in your condo can be fixed by right clicking Tower Unite in your Steam Library, going to properties and setting the launch options to -notexturestreaming.
Keep in mind that it only fixes it clientside, so everyone that visits will still have bad textures, unless they also have -notexturestreaming in the launch options. Obviously it puts more stress on your computer, so if you experience any issues, just remove it.

This really isn’t just a problem with the grids. The rotation is like 0.1 angle off when you drag the item out of the inventory.

It’s mostly not noticeable at first, but once you wanna connect a 5x5 wood wall, It becomes very clear. Have fun resetting the rotation on each individual object.

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You are certainly not alone. I too hate dealing with this and has caused me to say fuck it and give up building things I wanted to. Like others have said at first things might appear okay, but once you start getting several panels in for say a wall or even a floor, the misalignment would become very noticeable and ugly. I’d put everything on the same grid of 2, check that I reset orientation as I pull each wall piece out, but it makes no difference…


I decided to start building something again, and it once again happens, this shit is starting to piss me off…


devs please fix…

Edit: for now if this happens you can use the copy cat gun on another prop that actually works then copy rotation from that, but still annoying as hell.


Doesn’t work for the most cases.

The way around it would be to place it down on the ground. After that, grab it again, press R and pray to god that this doesn’t happen again. Now do this with about 20+ or so panels. It’s annoying as fuck.

The devs should really look into the advance building mechanics soon.

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Yep, same. You can hit reset all you want and it looks ok at first but as you start placing out multiple pieces, you can start to see it veer off.

tip. use grid 100. it builds smooooooth

Inb4 moving the prop by one increment lands it in another galaxy.

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