Why does nobody play Little Crusaders?

I love Little Crusaders, mostly when there’s more than 3 people. Is that the reason there’s rarely a lobby open for it? Because people don’t want to play it with any less than 4 people? Or do most people just not find it fun?


Try to make friends in the game that are active, that way you could always play with them, I’m happy to be one of those people for you, I love LC as well


LC suffers a bunch from Host Advantage and laggy mechanics. Most of the dragon’s abilities, as well as the mechanisms behind hitting the button are not consistent (i.e, getting scared by the dragon when you are behind them or out of range of the roar). Games with higher numbers of players also are not fun as the dragon can easily be swarmed with his low mobility and inconsistent kit. Its really a game that benefits the most lucky.

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Yeah, I can understand that, but I don’t get too worked up over it since Tower isn’t exactly a competitive game, and there are no leaderboards or stats after the match is over.

wait people aren’t supposed to get spooked by the roar if they’re behind the dragon?

I don’t honestly think so, though I cant say for sure. I just find it unfair that I can get spooked from really far away.

I get the range, but i’m pretty sure the roar was meant to affect everyone in the radius. otherwise, holy shit LC is not even close to anti-ping optomized.


Its really not. The Dragon’s mechanics are also really not well done. He’s slow, lumbering, and easy to deal with in numbers. LC should be tougher on the knights if they don’t plan.

Not if you’re a pro player like myself. 8 v 1, wiped them all.

That’s not supposed to happen?

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Like I said, I don’t think so. I can’t say for sure tho but It just seems weird to be behind the dragon by like 50 meters and then get spooked regardless.

I love Ultimate Chimera Hunt, however I’ve found Little Crusaders as an okay’ish remake. It really just needs some fine tuning and adjusting.

-My all time biggest complaint with the mode is not just how weak the dragon is, but also how weak the dragon feels. Sprinting into a jump and gliding in the air in UCH was so satisfying. In LC your just lose ALL your momentum and just drop after sprint gliding, It’s so frustrating.

-The lack of noticeable hit recognition is also a problem. Visual particle FX when the dragon bites or tail whips to give somewhat of an idea how big or wide the hitbox is would go a far way.

-It’s too easy for the knights to regain their stamina by crouching, leading to pointless cat and mouse chases that ultimately waste time.

-This is just nit picky but the dragon also just looks really goofy. The Chimera in UCH looked like a huge treat. Intimidating and ruthless. LC’s dragon has a pacman head. Hell even the original concept art of LC’s dragon looked more up to standards.


Two quick suggestions:

  1. Let the dragon tail whip and move while biting. Right now, if the dragon wants to kill a knight, they have to make sure their back is to a wall or all of the knights are scared to kill a knight, or else the knight could just run up to the dragon and press their button. It would (probably) be much easier to kill a knight if the dragon was able to dodge the other knights while biting him.

  2. Let the dragon tail whip and/or fly when roaring. I think this was a thing in GMod Tower, not sure though.


TBH I think you guys just want the game to be too easy. The only time I find it unbalanced is when there are a ton of knights against the dragon. In smaller numbers, it seems pretty balanced. My only complaint is when the button in the dragon’s back just won’t allow you to press it, and sometimes you’re able to press it from somewhere you shouldn’t be able to.