Why does my game run so poorly in the lobby?

Hi, I have a pretty beefy GPU and CPU (AMD Radeon 5700 xt and AMD Ryzen 7 2700x), but no matter what settings am I on (ultra or low) my game is at around 40 fps in the lobby. Both vsync and the frame limiter are off. My usage on all components doesn’t exceed 40%.
My friend is rocking a bit weaker card (GTX 1080) and he runs the lobby at around 90 FPS (same settings as me).
The rest of the game runs very nicely

is it still chugging when you have the workshop disabled? that seems to be the biggest slowdown for most PCs, though i’ve definitely heard talk of AMD have issues with the game.

The biggest slow down in the current version is CPU related. We’ve been working on a major update that resolves this issue and reduces CPU usage overall. We’ve been doing a public beta and people have been reporting higher FPS, which confirms the CPU usage was the bottleneck.

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Oh, mac, if we already talking about FPS…
My PC is pretty normal (Nvidia ftx 1050ti, and AMD RYZEN 5 1300, 12gb RAM), and I have pretty good FPS at plaza, and perfect FPS at minigames (on high settings). But when I am opening… Let’s call this “a window with list of something”. List of condos, plazas, minigames, no matter what, my fps drops greatly. Extremely strange situation, in my opinion. Any comments?

There was an issue with the condo server browser that caused lag, but that was recently resolved. In the public beta we’ve done some optimizations in that department as well.

Oh god, I am extremely sorry. Just checked it, and it is totally fine now! Sorry, guess I ain’t saw that fix😅

Btw, is 80 fps in plaza (with small freezes when things are loading, just after joining) are ok? All graphics are on ultra, but Vsync and some other special thingies (like extremely good shaders and that thingie that is only for DX11) are disabled, just in case.

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80 FPS in Plaza is pretty decent. You’ll probably see more in the next update.

Still, why am I having those frame-rates while my CPU usage doesn’t exceed 30% and my GPU is at around 60%? It doesn’t feel right

It’s hard to really pin point exactly, as it’s a bunch of different things that we’ve determined to cause issues and have addressed in the next update (which is due next week).

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It’s still happening even after the update. I tried disabling workshop models but it didn’t help.

Meanwhile my GPU is at around 50% usage

The issue is still present, even after a full windows reinstall