Why does currency conversion have to change

I like being able to say o yea I have 80,000 GMC. Units is suppose to be smaller than GMC which is what the devs said and like. Why can’t it be the same. Like is 80,000 GMC gonna equal 1 unit. Like o yea I have 0.000345 GMC (exaggerated )

I believe 1 Unit is 2 GMC. But since the economy is going to be reflected around that, I don’t see it being that big of a deal.

So for example, if a Lava Lamp cost 1,000 GMC, in Tower Unite, It’d cost 500 Units.

I’m assuming because the economy is being changed a bit.

If you could buy everything day 1, you’d get bored pretty quickly

u still can buy everything day 1

source pls?

? Wut are you talking about

Source: Someone ridiculously rich in GMTower gets their GMC converted to Units then buys everything on day 1 (Excluding holiday content, obviously)

Source of the statement that the Gmc-to units / old prices- to new prices ratio will be the same.
I always thought that you’d get just a tiny fraction of the actual value.

Your GMC/Items will be converted to their Unit equivalent in price. Technically, the value of everything isn’t changing at all, just the currency. Gimme a sec and I’ll grab sauce.

Got it:

Obviously, it doesn’t say outright that the currency is the same in /value/, but it’s heavily implied due to the fact you’ll get the Unit value for any converted items/achievements.