WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS (Kinda boring rant about Toontown)

People literally are SELLING on EBay their Toontown Rewritten accounts. Some people are selling them for $300, which is INSANE. If you type “Toontown Account” into EBay you can find quite a bit. I just really wish the TTR team would crack down on this with EBay but they probably can’t do that. Not to mention that in the original Toontown, people did the same thing but Disney were able to fix this issue with EBay and terminate any sold account. I really don’t understand why you would sell a maxed toon or buy one even when you can just play the game and progress in the story. I think the story is more interesting then end game and progressing your toon can be fun. Here is a video related to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRmLD5uBoYE I really really don’t understand. (Sorry for living under a rock)

(oh wait I just noticed that you already put this in the rant)

I saw this video a few weeks ago, and I agree, it’s stupid.

That’s the same link to the video i have in the rant lol.

you guys clearly dont understand art


A Toontown account ain’t art lol.