Why do my search results not show up?


I was trying to look for information on potion clipping, so I tried using the search feature on the top right bar. Although the search results say there were 50+ results for “potion”, none of them showed up below.

I’m browsing on the latest version of Chrome on Windows 10, if that is relevant.

(Tangent: Is it intended for the search button and other top bar buttons do to nothing when left-clicked? It feels really wrong having to right-click and open something in a new tab.)



I think there might be something wrong with your version of google chrome, might wanna try and update it or see if anything wrong with it.

Anyway left clicking on the search icon will bring up the search bar and clicking enter will make it shows all the search results it has found.
Granted the search area could use a little line of text saying “Press enter to show results”
The search



Searching “potion clipping” shows some results.


Also, for the search button not doing anything when left clicked, the devs of TU can’t really do anything about that iirc. You’d probably have to contact Discourse (the forum software or whatever) to fix that.



Is your browser vanilla, as in do you have any addons? Is the behaviour identical in other browsers?