Why did the forum threw me a "new" topic from 7 months ago?

I got a notification on the “new” tab with a topic from 7 months ago, which I tought it was made today (I’m new to the forum but I check it every day), it was from the INDIEGOGO and I commented in it thinking that the campaign was still up and accepting money, NOW I DON’T KNOW WHY BUT I’M FEELING DEAD INSIDE HELP ME

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

Welcome to Necro Land, with your host: @Link The Necro King


I don’t get these notifications? I only get something listed as New when the thread was actually created while I was inactive. I probably disabled something in user preferences, so you should take a look there.

I had some weird oddities like this the more i used the Forums. Like just the other day I made a brand new post and it then said the post and replies were from 8 hours ago, then after a few refreshes, it fixed itself. I was second guessing myself because i felt like i just posted it, but had no idea how long ago it was. These forums are weird

Wuh, i was sleeping

I was making a funny… Because you’re always the one to necro posts