Why can't I report people here?

It wont let me click new topic on ban reports.

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I assume new users can’t make threads in ban reports. You gotta be a basic user I guess.

I’m fairly new here, too. I’m going to assume the ‘restriction’ to post (if it does exist) is to combat against users creating multiple accounts to ‘vote’ on their ban report, if you get me?

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Ah alright.

Curiously; is the ban report (if that’s what you’ve tried to post) urgent? You could try forward the information if that is the case.

Well its just people play inappropriate vids alot in the theater.

Oh. Well, okay… er… expected at this point, though still not acceptable.

If you have any screenshot or video evidence, hold onto it.

Gee, I wonder why there’s suddenly so many players playing porn and other disturbing shit in the theater. This wasn’t always happening.

Ya people who do others don’t get mad at but once I play music everyone gets salty.