Why are there achievements that are inaccessible

There have been achievements in the game for years now that are inaccessible. There are now new achievements that are inaccessible. What is the purpose of this? Just wait to add the achievement until the update is live. It is impossible to get all the achievements because of this. There is literally no reason to do this. For people who have all the accessible achievements, if they see the game is no longer 100%, it will incentivize them to join the game again, rather than now where there is no indicator. I guarantee it will make a lot more players happy than the way it is currently by blocking achievements from people. Many achievement hunters will be happy

These are upcoming achievements for the new Minigolf map - Haven.


It is nearly ready for release, should be out within a week.

We have to setup the achievements before the map’s release so we can test the achievements to ensure they work for every player on release. Since the map’s gameplay was established, we got the achievements done an update earlier and marked them coming soon.

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What about older achievements like “cook a meal in the condo” or the arcade one that have been there for over a year?

Cook a meal is for when Cooking is ready, so it’s marked as coming soon. The Arcade one originally for the first phase of the arcade release, but there was an issue tracking player progress and it got marked as coming soon - it’ll be repurposed into a new achievement.

So the achievement isn’t even going to be the same when it comes out? Again I don’t see the point to having it in the game then if it is unachievable. It heavily discourages achievement hunters

The game is under constant development, there’s going to be new achievements or some adjustments to existing ones. It wouldn’t make sense to have an achievement for arcade phase 1 now that phase 2 is out - better to reuse it for something else since it has artwork made for it. We can’t remove achievements as it would break the ID order of achievements internally, so marking it coming soon then later updating it to something else is what we plan to do.

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Moving on in the future can new achievements not be added until the update is final please? Would make me and a log of other achievement hunters happy.

Will the inaccessible achievements, like the arcade one be removed any time soon? And will future achievements only be released when they are actually accessible?

No, they can’t remove them, but they can edit or repurpose them.
My suggestion about this would be to repurpose the 4 currently unobtainable achievements for the next map release, or at least the ones that aren’t Pixel Crusader, I think there is people that have that one legitimately (correct me if I’m wrong), so people can rest easy and say they have 100% achievements on this game.

btw, now they don’t show in the collection book, but they do show on Steam.