Why are the donator rewards so different?

I think the donator awards are unfair. The people who supported GMod Tower get trophies, a shrine, a catsack, plates, and a VIP basket. While the people who donated to you from the Indiegogo campaign get glowing headphones, speed shoes and particle effects and trails. We should be getting the same rewards. We supported and donated to you when you were just a server on GMod while they get it from donating from on Indiegogo and I think we should get the same.

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People who donated for GMod Tower got their items when they were in GMod Tower. We thank them for supporting GMod Tower and are very grateful.

People who backed Tower Unite on Indiegogo helped bring the game into fruition, and without the backing and support from them, Tower Unite wouldn’t be a game to begin with.

We thank both past donors to GMod Tower and backers to the Indiegogo campaign for funding Tower Unite.


I think you should reward the people that have supported you since GMod and give them the glowing headphones, speed shoes, and particle trails and effects along with the normal awards.

The people who donated to GMod Tower in the past are receiving the following items (Golden Plate, VIP Basket, a Lobby 1 Trophy, the Original Sunabouzu Shrine, the Original Catsack, and a not yet revealed item).

In addition, all past GMod Tower players get a Lobby 1 Plate, Lobby 2 Plate, and the original non-copyrighted trophies.

Backers and Donors get different rewards. Backers received the items they received for backing and funding Tower Unite. Donors got the items they received and are receiving for donating to GMod Tower in the past.


$15 = donor
$30 = trails, headphones, and speed shoes
why should donors who probably paid $15 get the TU $30 tier?


On top of this, you could have both donated to GMT and donated to the Indiegogo. If you didn’t have the cash for both, I’m a bit more sympathetic, but the judgement of the team still stands. Personally, I would have donated to GMT if I’d had the cash at the time, but I didn’t, and I am disappointed that I didn’t get the donor rewards, but I’m not complaining. I donated to the Indiegogo to make up for that.

Dude you got what you were promised back when you played GMT. What donators are getting now is pixeltail’s way of thanking the donators from GMT.

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