Why Am I To Good At Video Poker?

##Why Am I Too Good At Video Poker?
(I won another jackpot)

Why have I won another jackpot. This is insanity! Insanity!!
The total was 30,721 Credits.
Do the math:
30,721 * 5 = 153,605 Units.

Again this is just stupid!

(I forgot to zoom in. :frowning:)

Thanks for stopping by this forum post!!


You must be lucky! :smiley:
Now, you can either save your money for a new condo or do what else!

I recently just finished my ā€œNot So Secret Theaterā€ project, and I think Iā€™m going to start to work on the upstairs, giving my self a work place, place to sleep, maybe some other things.