Why aim for a Teen (ESRB) rating?

I’ve been hearing talk that the Tower Unite team is aiming for a rating of Teen. Why aim for Teen when you can go all out and not acquire an ESRB rating at all? Or if your desprate to get a rating, how about the M rating? I feel like aiming for the Teen rating adds “restrictions” as to what is acceptable in Tower Unite. Either way, I’m purchasing your game no matter which way it goes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe it was a baseline for what they wanted to put in the game. This way, they can build the game how they want, yet if they needed to give it a rating, they could comfortably say it would probably be rated T. It does add “restrictions”, but those restrictions are set arbitrary by the team. Remember, this is a game for people of all ages…at least from what I get the vibe of.


Though most of the game is pretty Family Friendly, there are probably five things that keep this game in, at least, a T rating
1: Interactive Media, such as Music, Videos as pictures. Communities, when given these opportunities, are most likely unpredictable and have the ability to show videos and such with even the smallest cuss word.
2: Zombie Massacre: A gamemode which tells everything about what it is about in its title. It uses the premise of Zombies, which is pretty much it.
3: Virus: Though a fun gamemode, the infected playermodels are disturbing (meaning PixelTail did a good job) and the premise of the game is that you would somehow be overpowered by either the survivors or the Legion of infected.
4: Slaughter Day Night Live: The fast paced game with the word “Slaughter” in it, the game with various guns and fast paced gameplay, though confusing to a small number of people, the game would, most likely, have blood upon injury and death upon, well, death.
5: Panic at Horror Hill: I am personally excited about this game. The game is about two parties of four who explore a mansion. One consisting of the explorers, and the other of ghosts. Like if Left 4 Dead and Luigi’s Mansion had the most beautiful love child.

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Also, having an M rating on a social themed MMO will probably send the wrong message as far as content goes. A T rating with an “online interactions not rated” warning (if they even use those anymore) would fit TU perfectly.

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I never thought about that, but yeah.

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I don’t think anyone on steam judges games based on their rating

Besides, is having 10 year olds play Tower Unite that important?

It doesn’t matter since the game won’t have a rating at all. There isn’t going to be anything to go off of “rating” wise. All this “ESRB Teen” shit is just a thought in the back of the developers minds on what to do when thinking about new features and stuff like that.

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