Who is better? Jon or Dan?

This is a vote to see who is better, JonTron or Danny (from new GameGrumps), any comments that feature the keywords “Jon” or “JonTron” are counted as a vote towards Jon. Any comments with “Danny”, “Dan”, or " Danny SexBang" are counted towards Danny SexBang. Voting is gonna last a week. Good luck, and may the best not so grump win!

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I dont even, they are both good…

Is this for Game Grumps or overall?

Well to start, I’m voting Jon!


I’d have to vote Jon too, but it’s close.

P.S. Saying “Jon and Dan” in the same post will not count as a vote.
P.P.S. One vote per person.

Ugh fine, i vote jon.

Also, if you change your mind, edit your vote post w/ your new vote

I don’t know who these people are ._.

People from one of the hundreds of thousands of Let’s Play channels on Youtube.

JonTron doesnt really do the tradition lets play the only time he did was the short time of game grumps, Jon is more a reviewer/entertainer.



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Jon forever! :smiley:

I much prefer Jon, but I have no real problems with the new Not so Grump :smile:

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Im going rogue, Arin for life!


The god of chins

No, Kevin.