Who doesn't love Random Doodles?

I got bored and drew this because UCH :smile_cat:


This is amazing! You are very talented, I must say.

Everybody love random doodles.

That is a really good drawing I must say! and also, who doesn’t love random doodles ? :smiley: also does any-one know if UHC(Ultimate Chimera Hunt) is gonna be in Tower Unite?

Nope, it is copyrighted to nintendo. The gamemode replacing it is called Tiny Crusaders. Which should basicly be nearly the same.

It’s going to be remade into Tiny Crusaders because of Copyright-stuffs, so no worries. I’ll also be drawing that when it comes out :smile_cat:

thankies :joy_cat:

np and I hope it will be just as good - if not BETTER!

As do i, UCH player for life.

:smiley: Me to I can remember when I first played UHC it was the most fun I’d ever had on gmod me and my friends played it for ages it was really fun!

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Honestly UCH is where i met most of my friends on tower, :smile_cat: heh

heh :smiley: