Whiteboard/Drawing Feature

A friend and I were thinking it would be cool if a whiteboard/pen were added to condos. I’m not sure how difficult it would be to implement, considering the sync between players, but I think it would be a great feat in condo get-togethers :slight_smile:

Reminds me of VRChat pens. I could see that being useful with VR support. But on keyboard/mouse it would be a nightmare probably. Although if it’s never added officially, I could see later down the line someone doing some IO wizardry with canvases to do it or something.

Yeah, I can see how it would be tedious for some on keyboard/mouse. I still think a lot of users would enjoy it all the same. I think of the pens working in a similar way to the “Sparkler” item (just, yanno, without it fading away.)
Maybe having the pens as a physics item, or just within the weapon/item toolbar so they are personal to each user.

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If I would be able to use my drawing tablet with it properly, this would be incredible. Yes please.

It’d also be neat if when you leave and return to the condo, it leaves what drawings were on it intact. Imagine just having a cool community drawing board that acts as a kind of time capsule in a way.

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I was thinking it could work like how the mouse pointer works on the condo hub screen. Perspective might mess things up, maybe an option for the camera to go in 3rd person and center on the board like the libretro consoles so you can draw from a more even perspective.

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