Whirl-a-Fish Max Jackpot Should Be Larger

Right now, the max jackpot for Whirl-a-Fish is 999 tickets. That’s about the same as 2 games of Avalanche, and it usually takes much, much longer to get the max jackpot than that. It’d be great if the max jackpot was increased significantly, maybe to somewhere around 9999 tickets, since that way it’d feel a lot more worth it to stay at the machine and grind to get the jackpot.

Yeah but there’s also a bit more skill involved in Avalanche. This is just about timing a single button press. You definitely shouldn’t get 10000 tickets for pushing a button. A thousand definitely feels right to me.

My main issue with it is that you spend significantly more time playing whirl-a-fish than avalanche just to get 1000 tickets. Sure it’s definitely not difficult to do, but it’s still very time consuming for something you can get in a minute or two in another game


I think the best balance change would be to just decrease the jackpot difficulty, (have the hole bigger), not to mention I think the recent physics change is still making it more difficult than it is supposed to be/should be

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yea that’d also be good

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I’ve actually had a decent amount of luck getting the jackpot in whirl-o-fish, after they tweaked the physics.
But I do kinda agree that the jackpot should be slightly easier to achieve if the max jackpot is only 999.
I’m not sure how it’d feel to have the jackpot go upwards of 9999, maybe that’d be too much.
A round 3,000 might not be the worst idea, but I also realize that games similar to this in real arcades typically have lower jackpots to promote repeat play, so it may defeat the thematic purpose to raise it too high.

Wait…I’m a dipshit. I’m thinking of Dizzy. The hells Whirl-A-Fish again? Apparently I’ve forgotten. Lol

It’s the one where you drop balls into spinning holes

Just looked it up. That game is super easy. I think it’s fine but definitely wouldn’t be opposed to an increase

well, i agree and the bonus ball if falls into should be even more like 3 instead of 2.

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Good point, making bonus balls more common / getting more than 2 would be a good change

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