Whirl-a-Fish Ball Bouncing

I remember Reporting this before, but I would like to bring it up again since it has been a few months and the previous post got no response. While playing Whirl-a-Fish, there is a chance that a ball can land perfectly in a hole, then bounce out, and land in another hole, but you will only get the tickets of the hole it bounced out of. This is particularly annoying when it bounces out of the 2 and then lands in the 75, which happens a lot if you spam the balls around the jackpot. Its pretty infuriating when you could have gotten a 75, 100, or even the jackpot, but it doesn’t count because it had previously bounced into a different hole.

One fix I can think of is making it so you get the points whenever a ball hits a certain part of the hole, low enough so balls rolling over them briefly wont cause the points to be gotten. Or just making it so the ball has to be in the hole for a couple seconds before actually counting and giving the points.

You can see here in the picture for reference, a ball is in the 75 hole, but I only have 38 tickets on the counter because it had bounced from a different hole

[Edit] This is precisely why this is a huge problem. I have a ball in the jackpot, but since it bounced into it from another hole, no jackpot for me. (The jackpot number usually disappears when you get the jackpot)

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