While playing with a controller, inputs aren't detected when boosting

This occurs when I am playing Accelerate while having a nintendo switch pro controller connected to my PC via USB. Whenever I get a boost in any form–whether it be from drifting or a power-up–my directional inputs (via the left stick) are completely ignored while I’m boosting, which causes me to lose control and boost into walls or veer off of the course. This only happens when I’m playing with a controller; when I’m playing via keyboard I can steer while boosting.

I hope this problem can be easily resolved in some way because I prefer playing with a controller over keyboard for this mini-game. Aside from this problem, playing this mini-game with a controller feels fantastic so I hope this is something that can be easily resolved. If there is any other information I need to provide please let me know; this is the first bug report post I’ve made so I apologize in advance if I am not being concise enough.


This bug was an issue for me on keyboard in the past before being patched out, so I wonder if it still affects controllers despite that. I’ve had a number of input issues with Accelerate and controllers.