Which pc do i need for the game?

i have

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To answer your question, the specs that you have listed there should be fine to run the game as unreal engine 4 is very well optimised and PixelTail are trying to accomodate both high and low end PC’s, so you should be able to run the game with no problem at all.

If you are unsure if you would be able to run the game. Try the Unreal 4 Performance Tester, which you can find information in this thread

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Most likely, if your computer was made or bought in the last 5 to 6 years (in other words - since Windows 7 release), it will most likely be able to run the game. Of course, you will most likely have to tweak the settings in order to get the best performance, but that’s really a trade-in most people will have to do.

I suggest you to do the Unreal 4 performance test as well. It really helps on having an idea of how well the game runs. You can also check other Unreal 4 games and see how they run. :smiley: