Which crowdfunding platform you started to fund this game?

That begs the question all alone… which crowdfunding platform you used in order to make your game?

Optional: Why you choose this platform over to the other?

Their first attempt was using Kickstarter (I think the page is still around, but I don’t have a link on hand). It didn’t meet the funding goal, and they were not using any flexible funding options, so all donations were refunded. The second attempt used IndieGoGo. This one did use flexible funding. The goal this time was met, though the goal had been adjusted (even if it would not have been, this time funding would not have been refunded). I believe approximately 75% of the original Kickstarter goal was ultimately met.

I do not know of any particular reasons why one platform was used over another.

Here’s the Kickstarter link if you wanna take a look.

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One particular thing of note was that Indiegogo had support for PayPal, while Kickstarter did not. There definitely were some people that couldn’t donate during the first campaign because of this, although the Kickstarter had several other flaws as well. cough demo wasn’t released until halfway through and was unplayable on low-end systems because the settings didn’t save cough