Which 4th game world do you hope TU early access version will be?

I hope they’ll have zombie massacre game world, i like that game world

The 4th Game World has been confirmed to be Planet Panic, a new one. No details are out about it yet, tough.


Actually, Planet panic is the 3rd, virus has been moved to 4th as they need to work on the weapon system, and it might take some time and release after planet panic

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I’d like it to be zombie massacre, but from the vote they did a while back its going to be last. Planet panic is 4th world, its not on the store page yet since the devs haven’t told us what it is except a team based game.

But planet panic development will be finished before Virus’s lol

4th confirmed then

What the heck is planet panic anyways?

As of right now, only the devs truly know. All we know is that it’s going to be team-based, isn’t based off of any of the other gamemodes, won’t be using weapons (it doesn’t need to use the weapon base, at least), and has some sweet music.

we don’t know
we just know it’s a team vs. team gameworld

we also know that the theme is fuckin’ rad.

also jesus Arkive you took the words outta my mouth as I was writing this post.

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