Wheres Foohy?

I might have missed this and I am sorry if this has already talked about, but where is Foohy? He hasn’t been on the stream for a bit now. Has he left the group? sorry for being so behind


He’s still a dev, but dunno. Maybe he’s busy or something.

Foohy’s still part of the team. Typically something comes up for him on Friday’s, like the time he went camping on a day of a stream. But he also has a job, and can’t always be around when this stuff happens.

ahh I figured, just a small observation I picked up ahahah just wondering :stuck_out_tongue:

Foohy smells like poohy.



@Krionikal no kill @Florensie k?

Thought I’d fill in on this.

On Sunday, @Zak was on the public channel and was asked about Foohy and the other dev that has been gone. IIRC he said that he or the other dev had gotten an internship somewhere or a full-time job that has made their lives very busy.

I don’t remember the exact details though, so I tagged him in this so he can fix it if I got it wrong.

Pretty much that, @Foohy has an internship and I miss him very much.
We do get together and talk about Casino stuff on weekends so it’s not all bad. :stuck_out_tongue: