Where is everyone

Just installed the little crusaders beta and no one is playing?!

Maybe your firewall is acting up? Norton was giving me a couple of issues.

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My firewall or my antivirus isn’t saying anything about the game so idk

Same problem here- it says 336 players online but, no servers?

i’m right here

Just noone made any i think

I think this concludes not only LC beta but whole game

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also i am hosting a game on Ampitheatre and Throne room, maybe market. In Perth. Australia. so come join if you can.

change your steam region, it worked for me

Do you mean store region or something else? Because if it’s the former, that’s not even possible with my computer since Steam detects where I am or whatever.

if you go to your steam settings and then to downloads there should be a download region, change that


i recommend changing it to boston, it’s what i use

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