Where i can get items from gmod tower holidays?

I’m interested where and how i get those holidays items from winter holidays and halloween i’m waiting and i’d like to buy or get those items if you know please tell me :moneybag: when i know from you how to get this or buy it i spend my GMC’S

Please tell if you know i need that :3

The holiday items are only available for a limited time during each holiday period. After that period is over, you need to wait until next year to obtain them again, for instance, it isn’t possible to get the halloween items anymore this year as Halloween has been and gone.

Your next chance to get the winter items will be during the Christmas event, if there even is one at all this year, because of Tower Unite’s development

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Ok but in haloween or winter holiday i must buy it and get and i will get those all items when i meet new condos players haves spiders little big planet plushys or coffin RIP PC GAMING can i get the spider in halloween or snowhead from winter holidays?

Yes, you can get the snowhead from the winter holiday event but you won’t be able to get the spider until next year as it is restricted to the Halloween event. You will still see Halloween items other players have because they bought them during the Halloween event.

When you buy winter holiday items, you can keep it in your condo vault to ensure that they are safe, so you don’t need to keep them in your inventory, but if you sell the items, you won;t be able to get them back if it isn’t the winter holiday.

Ok i understanded i’m must wait to holidays winter holiday and halloween to get from haloween i must be on haloween event to get from winter holiday i must be on winter event? i’m understanded like this

And next question is i must to pay for those items or i get those items in starting gmod tower on events?

I have quite a few extra Halloween AND Christmas items in my inventory ;p

Unless I’m mistaken, this is a GMod Tower topic, so I moved it to the GMod Tower Questions thread.

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You must pay for them from a special shop that is added when the event starts, you don’t get them for just starting gmod tower.