Where did the mysterious donor item go?

I checked out the Trello and it seems it is no longer there.

Please don’t ban me for asking this

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how dare you asked this

Yeah well, a friend of mine asked this same question on the Discord server and got banned, so

I noticed that one of the mystery items were gone, I just thought that it was revealed. Idk, maybe on trello, you can’t edit a goal when it’s been placed in the checklist, so to reveal a mystery item, you have to make a new goal with the items name and delete the previous goal, but they forgot to delete the goal this time? Idk as all the items there match up with what was promised.

Maybe it’s not going to be released, or maybe it will be as an hidden form.

I think they are just continuing to shaft the Legacy Donors by giving us less and less exclusive items so the people who only backed TU won’t be “Upset if they couldn’t get these items” because according to Mac they are “THE reason TU happened”. Don’t worry about the people who donated to GMT to pay for server cost and keep the game alive long enough for them to realise they could make a standalone game worth paying for.

Well The Indiegogo doners and GMT doners both did donate to the company, but just donated for different things! I think it’s fine that they’re letting the Indiegogo doners get the same rewards. Also think about this: If people didn’t donate to GMT, there would be no TU. If people didn’t back the campaign, There would be no TU. So they’re both sort of equal.

I’m not saying that the doners shouldn’t get exclusive items though. Applying the logic above, they are a reason TU exists now, and the fact that campaign backers got alot of exclusive items is kinda unfair (If they do change it though, they better not change the existing stuff. I am really excited about the trophies!).

Also there should definitely be an item exclusive to people who donated to both GMT and the Indiegogo campaign. They’re the real heroes.

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Yeah I noticed that yesterday too. :pensive:

I can guarantee they were not banned for talking about that. They were banned for other reasons. Possibly avoiding a previous ban.

Also we’re still planning it, we just don’t know what the item will be.

I’ve explained this multiple times. TU is a separate project from GMT. Backers made TU happen, not the GMT donors. GMT donors, by definition, donated towards the upkeep of GMod Tower.

There’s some overlap, of course, some GMT donors did back TU - but that would make them backers. Backers were there when we needed them the most. There was no way for us to increase the Indiegogo donation timeline. We were out of money and unemployeed. There’s probably like 15 different posts you can read that will detail the reason we did TU.

We aren’t shafting donors here. Donors are getting 18 exclusive items in this update. Backers are getting 3 exclusive items.

Talking casually here, I’ve mentioned in the past that I hate exclusive items. They suck. No one can get them without meeting some criteria and they are borderline microtransactions. I hate microtransactions. I hate locking content behind some stupid wall. We will not be doing exclusive items ever again.

These items are a gift.

Because tone is invisible via text, I am not implying GMT donors are not respected by us. We love them for helping us and keeping GMod Tower going. My wife is one of the donors. I have immense respect for the donors. We’ve been working hard on getting these items in and it’s one of the reasons the patch is delayed. So, yes, we DO care, if that’s not clear.


Can’t agree more. Exclusive items were always a shit concept, yet we were forced to put up with it so backing TU/donating to GMT had any motivation behind it. It also allows people to brag about whatever cool stuff they got by giving us a small loan of x dollars.

To be real, at first I was kind of disappointed about the exclusive items not being “exclusive” anymore (i have a pretty intense superiority complex or something i guess) but I became way more open to the idea once ALL of the old GMT trophies were made available to old players. That’s seriously awesome and I’m sure all of my friends who didn’t get to donate are really happy about it.

As for the mysterious last item, honestly, I don’t even give a shit about it anymore. Exclusives do suck, so if it were to be cut outright, I honestly wouldn’t mind that much.

I appreciate the work you put into this game and I’m grateful for any gifts you give us so sorry if i seem ungrateful. My main concern was that Backers had been rewarded with extra items on top of their Backer Rewards making it as you said: borderline microtransactions so thank you for the response.[quote=“macdguy, post:9, topic:10375”]
Also we’re still planning it, we just don’t know what the item will be.

Thank you for clearing this up and might i suggest something wearable or usable in the lobby please ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I second this, it would be pretty great. :pray:

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Shieet man this is the first game community I visit that is actually heard by its developers. Thanks and sweet answers y’all

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