Where can i buy one?

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Hold out 20k units and ask loudly when no one else is around. You will find a pair of hands appear at the corners of your vision, take your money and hand you the vest. Looking behind yourself during the process is regarded as a serious faux pas. Good luck!

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Sounds like a damn creepypasta. lol

Step 1: get a full plaza of 64/64 players

Step 2: everyone must equip the milk carton player model

Step 3: everyone must go to the island behind the rollercoaster

Step 4: once everyone is there, everyone must do the t pose emote

Step 5: if done correctly, the island should flip over, revealing the milk carton store, where players can buy exclusive milk carton accessories, including the milk vest


you can send 20 thousand emails with a png of a unit in each email to pixel tail support.