When you get less than 3 hours of sleep every day

…you start posting some nonsense.

Yeah, apologies for some my last few posts. School was kinda throwing too much work at me for the last week and in my free time I wanted to do something else than just sleep. So I did something else. And got little to no sleep. Yay.

I’ll go sleep for like 12 hours now, see ya


speaking of sleep…
its 1AM now and I can’t sleep, someone help.
Literally laying in my bed with my ipad right now with hopes that my parents won’t catch me.
Kinda useless post but eh.


1 am? Why are you from? Just out of curiosity. It’s only 7 pm here.

EDIT: Oh, nm. Your profile answered my question.

My profile does not say that I come from Germany. It’s sleepy time right here.
Idk what i am doing.

Oh, ok. It’s fake. Your profile says you’re from Kazakhstan. Most of my mother’s side of the family is from Germany, so that’s pretty cool.

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My parents were born in the Kazakh SSR during the cold war, then the USSR collapsed, shit went down and so they moved to Germany in 2000.
Then I came to existence.

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It’s ok bb we still love you :new_moon_with_face:

Ah, cool.

Only 1 am? I get these nights where I just don’t get tired and I stay up till morning and then sleep till noon.

Alright, I’ve slept for about 11 hours. Good enough.


I couldn’t have done that, I was planning to go to my grandma today (and I am writing this post from there btw).
I fell asleep somewhere at 4AM or so, but I wasn’t getting tired while I was browsing the forums at 1-3AM.

I get between 6 and 4 hours of sleep any given University night, currently on the side of 4 hours a night due to deadlines.
You really do start saying, writing or posting shit :neutral_face:

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