When you are the Host...?

When youre the Host on Minigolf or Condo whatever…

You can easly Change values or use Traner,Hacks etc. or not?

Teach me pls if im wrong

If you enjoy being VAC banned, sure?


:sweat: Ok thank you mac, now im smarter…

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Actually, this brings up another question on my mind: Will all TU servers be forced to be VAC only?

And secondly, now that I think of it, what possible purpose is there to cheat in Tower, outside of Virus and maybe UCH/Little Crusaders? An aimbot won’t help you win minigolf.

TU servers only need to be VAC secured if they are Ranked. Unranked servers can be VAC secured if you want, but it won’t be required. Found on the FAQ (edited slightly, to get to the point)

As for the purpose of cheating? That is a good question…

Someone’s forgetting Slaughterday Night Live.

We have systems in place to ensure legitimacy in Ranked servers so that Units cannot be abused. As for everyone else, VAC will get them.