When will the update to stop the Halloween event happen?

it says it ends on Nov. 16, going on 3 days tomorrow. still, thinking the Halloween event should of started on Oct. 1 and end Oct. 31 IMO

It was extended to the 18th, so it should be ending very soon.

The halloween update (and event updates in general) comes out whenever it’s ready. As far as I can remember, PT has never set strict deadlines for themselves, because that creates crunch, and they already work super hard as is.


Not to mention that I think this year was the earliest Halloween Event yet (a welcome surprise)!
The event going half a month past the 31st is good imo since it perfectly captures my halloween spirit (pun intended). You have the leadup to Halloween itself, and then the half month cooldown where you have to clean up the crap from your Condo.

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Ending the Halloween events are delayed this time around due to the Steam Migration work. I don’t think that Halloween should end immediately on the 31st though.


I don’t think the Halloween event should end on the 31st. I like having a little bit of extra time to grab some of the event items, as I like to spend the lead up decorating my condo for Halloween, and then the day itself hanging out. I think maybe a week into November would be plenty of time, but I personally don’t care for deadlines or anything.

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