When will the Plaza switch over?



when will the plaza + events switch over back to normal?

i know it’ll be monday (28th) but at what time?

my guesses are 12 or 6 AM


It’ll go back to normal on Monday (tomorrow).

EDIT: oh


i reply fast also


My guess is around 12pm WST


WST? Looked it up but all I got was Western Sahara Summer Time. That doesn’t seem right though, since you’re from Canada


Western standard time, idk why it would give you the time for the Sahara.


Both have the same timezone abbreviation for some reason.


The Plaza won’t switch out of Winter, but the Winter events will end. We want to switch to Summer Lobby before Lobby 3, though.

Most likely will be at the end of the day of Monday (6pm PST).


dang it, that’s way later than what i was expecting


I hope comes with the event ending, I need those LC and Virus changes.




is the treasure hunting event coming back? If so are gold catsacks still going to drop from it?


Yes and yes.


Will L3 have a spring plaza with extra flowers and maybe some of those pink trees?


tall wild grass would also be nice


was hoping to bring back treasure hunting when the seasons over, because gosh darn it i need to find more frozen crabs for my condo…


tall grass for the epic not-pokemon encounters?