When will Planet Panic be remade?

The title says it all ^.


Im asking about some sort of date that the devs will actually start work on making it better. Not the fact that they eventually will make it better.

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Sorry! I assumed the whole “no planned dates” means they don’t know.
I’m not very good at helping. Again, apologies.

Hey, you did good. That’s all the information we have on Planet Panic at the moment, so there’s no real way you could have gotten an estimate.

Most likely when things aren’t crazy. Right now I am busy with Fishing, Zombie Massacre, condo tools, arcade, sometimes cooking, and events. I do like to bounce between things because it keeps me active and often times I will get stuck so tackling something else helps unstuck me. However, the Planet Panic redo I want to make is gonna take some serious focus like Zombie Massacre.