When joining, I still get the almost year old lua virus notification

I recently got into Gmod tower again and when ever I join one of the servers (including game servers) I get the notification (this one specifically) of me having a lua virus, still, I did what it said so I can get rid of it but after I still get the notification. Any way to fix this?

This seems to be about that lua virus that got viral last year. I have no idea how the server could suddenly trigger it again. Maybe you got infected by that virus at the time it was active and never removed it? Although the virus should not be effective anymore, as its methods of infection have been patched, but the server still seems to trigger it.

I know I did get infected, I was a moderator on one when it happened, but ever since then I get that page. I ran the script multiple times and I still get it. I don’t even get why that notification still exists. The only reason I asked was that I might start a PVP game and I get the message making me have to spend a few seconds closing it. Which is a small problem as someone most likely already killed me. Im just asking if there is a way to stop this notification from appearing.

Honestly, if all else fails and assuming you’re on a fairly decent net, just nuke your GMod folder and redownload.