When disconnecting from a server, show a stats screen for player progression during that session

If any of you have tried Blade and Soul (good Kung-Fu centered MMORPG), when you exit the game, it shows you a screen detailing your progression.

I think this would be a cool idea for TU. Show net gain of Units, progression towards achievements/awards, and possibly other tidbits. What do you think?


This seems like a good idea to me!
It would be cool to see how many kills you got in SDNL or time scores in Ball Race.

Tower Unite should track everything that you do.
Literally everything.

It should report steps taken, bottles of beer consumed, unit net gain/loss, total shopping time, idle time, jetpack fuel consumed, a graph detailing your media volume over time, how many people clicked your name in the scoreboard, heck it should report how long your crosshair lay on other players.

And to top it all off, it will display it in this short report before you log off for the day and you will be left wondering exactly what it is you did that day.


I’ve been wanting this in GMod Tower FOREVER! I’d absolutely love this being implemented & I’am glad you brought this up!
HOPEFULLY They can add this, now that they are working with unreal & not source poop engine…

I’m with everyone here. I’d LOVE to have something like this, strange that I didn’t think of this for GMTower.

I would really like this, but If its added at some point, I hope you have a choice to toggle it.

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yus make it togglable
This somehow became a meme for me, because of how often I used this phrase.

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Why not combine it with the “are you sure you want to disconnect” dialog box? That’s exactly how BnS does it.