Wheelchair accessory

Any chance we could see a wheelchair adding in as a player model accessory? In my group of friends that plays TU with me, one of them is wheelchair bound, and he pokes fun at himself and we all have a laugh. I thought it would be awesome to have that added in and see him and others scootin’ around on them lol


i feel like it could be like this http://i.imgur.com/UjZasBI.png

I absolutely love this idea. I think a lot of people would interpret it as insensitive, though.

A lot of ideas regarding personal vehicles have been thrown around, like bikes and skateboards. Since jetpacks are kind of gimped, I also eagerly anticipate items that will increase your movement speed around the lobby like that backer shoes or the old adrenaline shot. I think we could take this a step further and combine every concept here.

There were two wheel chairs. A standard wheel chair that simply changes your animation, and the ballin’, deluxe wheel chair that increases your movement speed with jet propulsion.

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