Wheel of Money

There is a serious flaw with these machines, the jackpots get way too high and are extremely hard to hit. That would be fine, but u waste your time sitting there since you don’t make much if any from them. You’re literally better off playing any other game. And while perhaps you wanted a game that could have a higher jackpot for some kind of variety, and I get hat, i’m sitting at one that will give almost 30 mil when won. That’s just crazy to me.

I have a few suggestions:

Make the wheel take from the built up jackpot credits and perhaps take the smaller amounts off of the wheel. This will lesson the jackpot and spread it out a bit.

Make the jackpot more winnable either on top of this or in general, these jackpots get way too ridiculously high in my opinion.

Edit:: I also think this will help keep people from using macros as they won’t risk getting banned for a smaller jackpot but they might for 28 mil.

the entire point of the machine, and the casino in general, is to spend all that time clicking one button to get a chance at the jackpot

wom jackpot is very high simply because of how rare it is to get the jackpot

there’s no point in making jackpots more common because you spend so much time there, that’s the entire point of the casino



I am pretty sure the purpose of the casino is to have other options to make some units. I understand WHY it is high, that’s why I made suggestions to keep it from getting so high. And there is a point in making jackpots more common… So that people don’t randomly get an absurd amount of money or feel the need to macro to win it. Because I am playing legit, same machine for 3 days (1.8 mil to 1.9 mil) and I made maybe 100k? It’s only worth it to sit there if you’re aiming for the jackpot, which most likely you won’t get anyways. So that is why I suggested doing it the way I did. Even if you disagree with making it more commonly won (the jackpot) you never commented on the initial.

wheel of money is a massive reward since people usually spend a week straight on that machine

its not supposed to be a surefire guarantee that you’ll make money, and if you do (extremely heavy emphasis on if, because its very rare and this is the point) you are set for a good while. Nothing wrong with that at all. no reason to change it.

having the wheel payout take from the jackpot doesn’t really make sense because there’s no REASON to change how it is now, people are going to macro no matter what, no point making deterrents for everyone just to prevent some people from making a choice to macro, which really isn’t that big of a deal anyway because of the timer.

what you want is a machine that’s mostly a guarantee payout, which is what TD is for. WOM is meant for hardcore space mashers who will spend days on end just to win that 30 mil

plus its all RNG anyway so you could win first spin for all that matters

I think 28* mil is a ridiculous amount unless money will be ‘easy’ in other areas besides in solo play as I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a social game. Also, I’m going to break this down mathematically for you. I just counted, it’s about 4 seconds from lever to reveal of the slot, and the wheel takes longer than that at about 6-7 seconds. It’s at about 1.9 million credits. If you figure you do max bet 5 credits every time, which obviously isn’t an exact science either it’s about 380,000 plays.

c=credits s=seconds m=minutes h=hours p=plays d=days

1,900,000c/5c = 380,000p (to get how many plays it took)

380,000p x 4s = 1,520,000s (to see how many seconds it took to make those plays)

1,520,000s/60s = 25,333m (this is rounded down for simplicity - to figure out the minutes)

25333m/60m = 422h (to figure out the hours it took)

422h/24h = 17.5d (to figure out how many days it took)

That’s 2 1/2 weeks of straight play time to get this pot this high. It’s not that real! I don’t think you’re understanding just how ridiculous it is. And cutting the pots down/making them more frequent would only share the rewards, not keep them from anyone. I honestly didn’t list it because I think it should be implemented as a deterrent. People can macro any of them and make bank, I was simply saying that I think it’d be more fun if you had better rewards while playing and it would help with insane jackpot sizes to pull from the pot whenever you spun the wheel. :stuck_out_tongue: I do think, however, that people who spend hours on these machines will feel less like macroing for them if the rewards were more frequent, they still made decent profits, and the pots weren’t 28 million. But that’s just my opinion. I think it’s an added bonus, not the reason.

I understand your frustration, but investing hours and hours into a virtual gambling machine does not entitle you to large amounts of virtual currency. You’re merely a product of unfortunate RNG.

It’s called gambling for a reason, you waste your time and money at a chance at getting a big win/jackpot.
If anything you should most likely lose money or have a more skillful game where you can hold, nudge and have more options to win and lose what you have (this is what it is like to play on slots in the UK)
However due to all you have to do is click, it’s not doing a lot to earn a lot back without winning the jackpot which is how it should be as it’s a gamble


I don’t think you guys get that I’m not upset that I may or may not lose money, I don’t really think I’m suggesting much in that way of change. I think that the pots shouldn’t be that big, is the main thing. But ya’ll got a right to your opinions just like I got to mine. I just think it makes more sense to pull credits from the pot when u spin the wheel.

A gambling machine rigged in favor of the casino? What an outrage.


THIS Post isn’t about them being ‘rigged’ l2read please. Thanks

this is literally the entire point.
it’s not meant to be a main source or quick source of income.
It’s a time waster for if you’re bored and have nothing to do.

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i have a hard time following what its about then
you want lower jackpots, as in making it easier to win, because youve spent a lot of time at the machine with barely anything to show for it

you propose that we should either A) wheel payouts take from the overall jackpot… which is just no
or B) make it ‘more winnable’

you may not have directly SAID it was rigged but that’s definitely what you’ve been implying
but at least you are somewhat respectful about it… somewhat

The time it takes to win a jackpot can either be in a minute or infinity. Just because the jackpot is insanely huge, it does not mean the chances of winning at it should be higher, it’s a slot machine and that’s what the machines are for; to give you the idea that you can win at it but it’ll never mean that you will win at it in a matter of hours.

if you want lower, faster jackpots go play Triple diamonds (or Grand quest)

Okay, I’m going to say one more thing here and this is just to explain further. I understand and agree it’s nice to have a larger jackpot that takes a long time to win. I’m saying I think it’s just a little too much. a 28mil pot is insane… I think a 14 mil pot would be more acceptable. It’s still an insane amount but not quite as crazy. I’m not saying I think it should be nerfed even, just slightly adjusted, and especially if it’s going to take that long to win, finding a way to control the pot size, by for example pulling wheel wins from the pot, would be a possible solution. You don’t have to agree, but I’m well aware of the other options to make money, etc. Thanks.

So you’re saying that the higher the jackpot, the higher the chances? What would even be the point? And it’s not the game’s fault for having such a high jackpot, it’s the people’s fault for playing that machine.

That literally just made me facepalm. lol That’s not what I said. Maybe making the wheel take credits straight from the jackpot at a certain pot size would be something though. People’s fault for playing that machine though, really? lol I can’t even.