Wheel of Money: Wheel Rewards are Multiplier of Bet

So Wheel of Money has an odd issue where it makes more sense (as far as I can tell) to bet 1 credit instead of 5 as it is less risky and makes the same amount of money from spins. It might make more sense to make the wheel spin prizes scale with how much you bet, like the slot itself.

I would do this by making the wheel rewards a multiplier of your bet. For example, if we keep the current numbers and convert them to multipliers based on a 5 credit bet, the lowest win (besides nothing) would be x2 (10 credits), and the largest would be x160 (800 credits). To compare, these winnings on a 1 credit bet would be 2 and 160 credits respectively.

I think this system would encourage people to take the risk and bet more, while also still paying out for people who don’t want to risk too much.


I think the rigged issue with Wheel of Money should be fixed first.

did you know
just because you don’t win
doesn’t mean its rigged?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


I love how everyone moans about the casino being rigged, I’m sure IRL casinos are even more rigged (not that I’ve been to one so I wouldn’t know)


Meh, i got a few minutes to lose brain cells, so how exactly is it rigged?

I guess people claimed it being rigged because of how no one won a jackpot on it so far, whereas on triple diamonds, there’s a jackpot being given every hour.

Maybe to keep better balance, the multiplier should go at like 1.3x when betting with 3 chips and 1.5x when betting with 5 chips.

Otherwise that might be a bit too much.

I’ve witnessed one jackpot.

The reason I claim It’s rigged is because whenever I spin I always would see it nudge back or forward to a nothing or 10 credits when It comes close to a high value.

The reason why people say it is rigged is because the “wheels” in WHEEL OF MONEY and Spin to Win are probability weighted wheels rather than fair wheels, even though they look like fair wheels. This is true in many casino and arcade machines in real life.

The wheels are all show. The result is already calculated before you land on any value.

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You know i just remembered hearing those claims too in gmtower.
Need i remind you guys that this is technically impossible if its a single prop or entity since there dosent seem to be an ability to make certain parts of an object heavier in the unreal engine.
Also yes its pre-calculated the wheel is just to show you what the code has chosen for you.

He means the probabilities for the wheels don’t match up to what they look like, not that certain parts of the wheel literally have weight. For example, if a wheel had four equally spaced sections, A, B,C, and D, it would look like there would be a 25% chance to land on any certain section, but in reality, there would be something like a 5% chance to land on A, a 10% chance to land on B, a 25% chance to land on C, and a 60% chance to land on D.

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Well that’s just how gambling works, having an easy jackpot would defeat the purpose of it and make it just really lame

I just did some research on the unreal engine editor, and it seems to be physically impossible to add specific weight values to specific spots on a model.
So that’s seems impossible according to Epic.

I don’t really think anyone other than you mentioned that the wheels have specific physical weight values (which they don’t, everything is calculated AGC-side and is then displayed on the wheel). I was just correcting you in that what was meant by “probability weighted wheels” was is that the actual probabilities of landing on a selection isn’t what it looks like. There are no actual physics involved in spinning the wheels.

I wish i had taken a screenshot of everyone that had said it in lobby 2 and TU, id have about 27-34 of them now.

Also true its not physics based, but the way your message was worded you did make it sound like it was.

I meant in the thread.


But yeah, hopefully things are cleared up by now that everything’s done AGC-side, and that the look of the wheel doesn’t have anything to do with the actual probabilities.

Ah ok i thought you meant ingame.

tis’ the part i be referin’ to matey.