Wheel of Money is Too Stingy With the Spin Symbols

I’ve been using the Casino more and more recently, and one thing I’ve noticed when I play the WoM for quite the period of time [About 600-800 spins the last time I was on the machine], I’ve only seem the chance to spin the titular wheel about 50 times to so. I think that the chance could be bumped up to perhaps double the amount, or even a 1/6th or 1/4th chance of getting a chance to spin the wheel at the absolute most, given I’d still like it to be somewhat balanced.

It’s still be very much appreciated getting this looked at, especially considering that spinning the wheel most of the time only gave me nothing and 10/20s, though I have seen it land on a Free Spin and an 800 once, so I do know that the paytable isn’t rigged as far as non-jackpot chances go.

it’s weighted random, but kinda ridiculous to see too many nothings.

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